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McGrath Law Firm is here to tend to your needs and alleviate the burden of the legal challenges you're facing. Our Mt. Pleasant law firm is dedicated to helping local citizens meet their goals in a variety of legal areas.

When you own a business, you have a lot at stake both emotionally and financially. Whether you're starting a business or already run a successful one, we offer services that help you address the inevitable legal questions and challenges that are to come.

Whether you are seeking remuneration for damages incurred as a result of a car accident, slip & fall or other accident, or you need assistance in dealing with a third party's insurance company, our attorneys can help.

Facing a divorce or family legal issue can be a trying time. McGrath Law Firm, P.A. offers legal services enabling you to effectively maneuver the obstacles associated with divorce and child custody cases and other family law issues.

The prospect of losing your home or being evicted is a frightening one. McGrath Law Firm offers real estate and foreclosure defense services that seek alternative means of resolution and ensure your property rights are upheld.

A criminal conviction is often accompanied by severe legal consequences including fines and jail time, as well as tertiary penalties such as the loss of future employment opportunities. McGrath Law Firm, P.A. helps you fight your charge and preserve your rights throughout the case.

Whether it's a business legal challenge, divorce disagreement or criminal trial, McGrath Law Firm delivers the zealous representation that's necessary to succeed in challenging matters of South Carolina law.